Getting there


All major Brazilian airlines fly to Florianópolis Hercílio Luz Airport.
São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro are the main hubs, and you are likely to connect through either of them if you are arriving from international flights or coming from other parts in Brazil.
There area 3 main airlines with flights to Florianópolis:

All of them offer promotions on the websites and the sooner you book the ticket, cheaper you pay for it.


Overnight bus services from São Paulo to Florianópolis are popular, and economic if compared to flights. The trip takes around 10 hours and costs between R$74 to R$130 depending on the type of service you take: Conventional, executive or sleeping.

There are 2 main companies doing the service: 1001 and Catarinense. It is possible to buy on the website with credit card and pick up the ticket on the bus station. Promotions are also available for early buyers.

From or to Rio is a long distance so it might be a tiring trip. Itapemirim company has direct executive service for about R$200 taking around 18 hours.


Driving a car to Floripa can be tiring so it is better to get a plane or bus and rent a car once you are here. The main road, federal BR-101, can be extremely busy with many trucks and accidents often occur. Be aware of stopping at night to help someone as it might be a trap to rob you. Car rental on the island for a simple and economic model will cost around R$80 per day with free km and partial insurance. You can buy comprehensive insurance, which is highly recommended, just ask the company.

City Distance (KM) to Florianópolis
Assuncion (Paraguay) 1.206
Brasília 1.713
Buenos Aires (Argentina) 1.657
Campo Grande 1.376
Cordoba (Argentina) 1.938
Curitiba 312
Foz do Iguaçu 876
Montevideo (Uruguay) 1.335
Pelotas 781
Porto Alegre 525
Rio de Janeiro 1.174
São Paulo 739