What to do

Weather plays an important role on the city’s tourism. Floripa is a typical summer destination so the beaches are the main reason that brings visitors to the island. The privileged landscape with lush green vegetation makes a perfect scenario for those seeking for outdoor activities such as hiking, sailing, paragliding, hang gliding, kite surfing, kayaking, scuba diving and so on. Floripa is picturesque place what makes it great for photographing, especially from the many outlooks available in the hills. Scuna cruises on the Northern bay are also popular among tourists. There are also other boat trips available to visit nearby islands e secluded beaches. Indoor attractions are limited. Few museums and some forts are the traditional ones. Luckily the city is served with few shopping centers so you can spend rainy days doing some shopping, although many will do the same so you can expect crowded places. The nightlife in Floripa is worldwide famous, so during summer, certainly you will find a good party to have fun.