Message to visitors

Dear Visitor,

The Santa Catarina island is a unique blend of ecosystems being the synthesis of the natural beauty of the Santa Catarina Estate’s coastline. It is also fragile and has been under constant threat due to fast and unplanned development.
Floripa’s popularity as a tourist destination and high standard living has attracted flocks of people and investments which in some ways are good but are also causing impact on water resources, increasing deforestation and animal life extinction.
It is a common sense that Florianópolis is at the crossroads and from there it can be taken to a destiny compared to cities like Rio and São Paulo, where pollution, poverty and crime became diseases with no cure for the near future. However if measures are taken there is a hope it can be saved from such a fate.
Floripa Images guide has no intention to promote tourism in a way it would destroy nature or the local culture. Our mission is to promote tourism as a mean of revealing how important is nature for our well-being and we must preserve what is left for ourselves and the future generation.
All visitors are requested to perform the followings do’s and don’ts:

  • Do not to destroy the ecosystems like the dunes, Atlantic forest reserves, rivers, lagoons, mangroves and beaches.
  • Do not pollute any water resource. Do not molest birds or any other animal life.
  • Do not take anything home but photographs, from beaches and preservation areas.
  • Place all the garbage in its proper place.
  • Do ecological practices whenever and wherever is possible.
  • Whenever it is possible, use the services of eco friendly companies, hotels, restaurants and tour operators.
  • Your actions will make a difference if it’s good or bad. Our planet is sick and is showing its sympthons but if we act locally we can help with a global solution.

    Save the island