Florianpolis has a subtropical climate with rainfall well distributed throughout the year. The seasons are well defined.
Summer is hot and has the highest rainfall, average 160 mm monthly. Quick showers as well as thunderstorms are common at the end of hot days. The temperature average of the hotest month is around 28 C to 31 C.
Spring and Fall are similar. Spring is usually very windy.
Winter is cold and with low precipitation. The temperature average of the coldest month is around 7,5 C to 12 C.

Relative humidity is high and the anual average is 82 %.

Cold fronts coming from the Southern Atlantic and Antarctica pass frequently in the region, bringing rain followed by days of strong southern winds.

The table bellow shows the average temperature for each month:

January 20 C to 28 C
February 21 C to 29 C
March 20 C to 27 C
April 18 C to 26 C
May 15 C to 23 C
June 13 C to 21 C
July 10 C to 20 C
August 11 C to 20 C
September 11 C to 21 C
October 13 C to 23 C
November 17 C to 25 C
December 20 C to 26 C