The island´s geography provides great flying sites all over the island, except in the south where flying is not allowed due to the airport traffic. The best season is summer when the sea breezes are constant. Outside the hot season there are few good days.
The hills on both sides of Mole beach are the most popular take-offs (SW, NE and E winds) allowing great soaring.
The best flying site is Rio Vermelho with great thermals combined with soaring (E winds) and lots of LZ.
Brava beach is also popular but there are many buildings between the hills and the beach.
During summer, praia Mole gets crowded including many tandems, so it is best to fly on weekedays early (after 12:00 when the wind direction gets defined) or later in the day before sunset (in summertime there is light till 20:00)
Hang gliding is not as popular as paragliding. One of the reasons might be the difficult access to the take-offs. The take-off, near the west outlook on Conceição Lagoon, is the best one for hang gliders.
Near Santo Amaro da Imperatriz town, 35 km from Florianópolis, at the foothills of Serra do Tabuleiro Estate Park can be found the best thermal flying in the region, making great heights and some distance flying triangles.