The main concentration of night clubs, bars and restaurants are in the city centre and Conceição lagoon. During summer, the north gets also a lot of nightlife venues. Security is professional and everyone is checked at entrance.
Nightclubs normally charge an entrance fee (around R$15 to R$25) and you pay drinks separately.
A commom feautre which happens on Friday nights, usually on different nightclubs is the so called LADIES FREE, where the girls don´t pay the entrance fee until midnight, as an incentive for the boys.
John Bull PUB, located in Avenida das Rendeiras, Conceição lagoon is a popular live music venue which plays mainly rock and blues. The decoration has a rock and blues theme and the athmosphere is cosy.
Latidude 27, on the way to Mole beach at the top of the hill is another popular live music venue. It has a mix of music tastes from rock to trance. It has a beautiful view of Lagoa at night. Expect crowded nights where you can barely move.
El Divino Club, the former Cafe Cancun, located at Beira Mar avenue is a traditional nightlife house which has different night themes including popular live bands. Nice and sophisticated decoration.
Ilha dos Cascaez, next to Costão do Santinho is a summer only venue, with ample space, eletronic, hip hop and general dance music. Popular on Fridays with Lady´s first theme, where girls don´t pay entrance feel until midnight.
For those interesting in FORRÓ, the popular Brazilian dance, LA PEDRERA in Lagoa is the most traditional place.