Jurerê Visitor's Guide

Jurere beach

You are likely to hear or read about Jurerê while planning your trip to Floripa. It has become famous over the past years due to its sophisticated and wealthy scene, Ibiza style parties and national celebrities appearances. Besides the glamour, it is a beautiful place and has good infrastructure for travelers. You find plenty of accommodation services, fine restaurants, bars and sizzling nightlife. There are also supermarkets, phamacies, banks, shops and other conveniences.

Great Itineraries in Floripa

Itineraries in Floripa

Floripa is not a place to spend just a day or two and to better enjoy the place reserve few days to explore it. However, time might not be available so a good itinerary can be very helpful in this situation.
Just visiting one place is Floripa is a shame as the city has much more to offer. There area many beautiful places and opportunities to have fun. Transportation is an important issue as the island is big and during summer moving around is difficult due traffic jams. The beaches, Conceição Lagoon, Hecilio Luz bridge and the forts are a must when visiting Floripa.